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Global Experience but Rooted in Wisconsin

Jeff lived for 9 years in China, 2 years in Switzerland and Germany, and has traveled to many parts of the world. But Appleton, Wisconsin is home (again), a place he loves deeply. Jeff loves the abundance of nature, the friendliness of the people, and the basic values that makes Wisconsin such a great place to live.

Organic Growth

Innovation + IP + Market Savvy = Growth

Knowledge is increasingly becoming the foundation for organic growth. Information from the market, know-how in manufacturing and sales, knowledge of your customers, and protected knowledge in the form of intellectual property.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Don’t Take the Bait

Too many business leaders are lured into thinking they don’t need strong IP to protect their business. Some say they can just rely on trade secrets and marketing for their products. Don’t take that bait! If your product can be reverse engineered, you need something more than faith in secrets. You need IP.

Innovation on Ice

Fresh inventions on demand

You may think of innovation as being “hot,” but it’s best kept fresh and ready to serve when it’s needed. “Innovation on Demand,” a brilliant IP and innovation creation system from ipCapital Group, is a vital system for serving inventions exactly when and where you need them. Let us show you how.

Why Work with Jeff?

Skills, Honors, and Passions

IAM300: Rated as  One of the World’s Top IP Strategists

UK-based IAM Magazine (Intellectual Asset Management) has an annual listing of the world’s top IP strategists based on peer-review and other criteria. When they first opened this award in 2015 to also include those in operating companies, not just law firms and service providers, I was in the first batch of corporate IP workers recognized. At the time I was Head of IP for Asia Pulp and Paper, and previously had been Corporate Patent Strategist for Kimnberly-Clark as well.  I’ve conntinued to be included in the IAM300 list every year since then.

Peer Recognition

Bridging the gap between inventors, corporate leaders, and attorneys

I’m an inventor with over 130 US patents and more on the way. I’m a former professor and passionate researcher who loves to explore new technical and business fields. I’ve learned to work closely with senior management and law firms, and have demonstrated success in helping leaders catch the vision of what their inventors. I’ve learned to help inventors better understand how to adapt their work to meet the needs of corporate business models and market demands. And as a registered patent agent with lots of experience in drafting and assisting the prosecution of patents, I can help the inventors and the company work more successfully with attorneys.

Fruitful Empathy

Diverse International Experience

I’ve lived in Europe and Asia, including 9 years in China working for a large multinational corporation (Asia Pulp and Paper), and have visited numerous countries. I have language skills in Mandarin Chinese (reading, writing, speaking) and German, and basic skills in a few other languages. My current passion is Swahili, though I’m only at a very basic level. My international journeys have connected me with people across all spectrums, ranging from CEOs in huge cities to struggling farmers in a tiny village. Experiencing cultures and life across the globe changes you in every encounter. I think it makes me better prepared for the diverse challenges my clients face.

Global Vision

A Desire to Help Others Succeed

People matter, wherever and whoever they are. An innovative corporate project or a lone inventor’s new product does more than just produce wealth. It gives meaning and fulfillment to those seeking to make a difference. It can create jobs. Innovation can help lift a community or nation, making life better for many. I want what I do to make a difference and lift others. Let’s discuss how I can help.

Inspired by Innovation

Thoughts on technology, innovation, and intellectual property:

I’ve seen the importance of intellectual property to promote innovation and enjoy sharing my experiences and thoughts. For example, see:

A variety of topics involving technology and science greatly interest me, including artificial intelligence (AI), personal care products, biofilms, forest products including paper and sustainable packaging, etc. For example, see:

For more information on publications and my patents (including some on new formulations to remove biofilm from laundry and various surfaces using enzymes plus N-acetyl cysteine), see my C.V. at “Professional Background of Jeffrey Dean Lindsay,” Also see my profile on

Hours of Operation

Just about anytime.

Can be available if needed.

Closed but still attentive.

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Don’t be shy. Let me know if you have any questions! Reach me at jeff at planetlindsay d0t com.