Jeff is an experienced inventor with over 130 granted US patents and a registered US patent agent. He has helped numerous large and small corporations in innovation and technology scouting projects. By working directly with inventors, scientists, and R&D staff, Jeff has helped many inventors expand the scope and value of their work, and has helped bridge the gap between management and inventors to help innovation advance. 

IP Strategy

Jeff has guided IP strategy in multinational corporations (Kimberly-Clark Corp. as Corporate Patent Strategist and Asia Pulp and Paper as Head of IP), and has helped a variety of companies with IP strategy. Jeff’s aggressive work in IP strategy has been recognized in several ways, including being named every year since 2015 as one of the world’s top IP strategists (the IAM Strategy 300 award) by IAM Media, publisher of the leading magazine on intellectual property, IAM. A unique and widely recognized aspect of Jeff’s work is “Disruptive IP” (see below). 

Patent Drafting

Jeff is a US patent agent with experience in drafting patents in many fields. 

New Product Development

Jeff has experience in developing a variety of new products for personal care, cosmetics, household cleaning, and other fields. Jeff is available to use his skills alone or in collaboration with your team to help you find and protect new product opportunities. 

Disruptive IP

Worried about disruptive innovation? Strengthen your future with disruptive intellectual property. 
Disruptive IP, as Jeff once described in an article for the Journal of Product Innovation and Management (JPIM), is the result of using aggressive but low-cost IP generation tools in emerging or potentially disruptive fields that could threaten your future business or could become valuable for your future business, when you don’t yet have resources for extensive work in those areas, or when your management team doesn’t yet recognize how important those fields could become. With disruptive IP, you don’t have to wait for management to finally feel the pain from disruptive threats and invest in new technology when it may already be too late for competitive advantage. You can use a mix of patent applications and defensive publications help shield you from threats and give you a foundation for your own innovative products and services later.