Planet Lindsay, LLC: History

Planet Lindsay, LLC was has been pursuing innovation and IP since 2007. Most recently, we have been pursuing innovation and IP in the fields of cosmetics, laundry care, odor control, biofilm control, forest products, oral care, personal care products, security systems, counterfeit detection, and supply chain management, while also providing IP and strategy services to various companies and now with ipCapital Group, where Jeff Lindsay is a Senior Advisor. 

Planet Lindsay, LLC began with pursuit of innovation in security systems, leading to patents for the “Private Rules” security system in which subtle actions are added to normal login systems to make it almost impossible for onlookers or hackers to know that there is more to authentication than meets the eye. The owner chooses what happens when the “covert cue” is missing but the password or other “overt” (observable) credentials are correct. That can include making it look like the would-be thief has gained access, when in fact it’s all fake (feigned access). Or access can be limited in dollar amounts or in other ways. The Private Rules system is being extended to solve thorny security problems in payments, facial recognition security systems, automobile security, and building access. 

Planet Lindsay has continued to pursue innovation and now also provides IP and innovation services.